Sunday, May 2, 2010

Was pleasantly surprised but had lots of pedaling energy today. Sometimes you never know, sometimes you have nothing in your legs, and sometimes you feel like the Energizer Bunny, often it's unpredictable. Today's ride had lots of power which makes it fun.
Rode a dirt century, #17 for the year. Still thinking about doing 100 dirt "C"s .
To do so will require time and injuries few and far between. So I'm a little reluctant to set goals that aren't totally in my control. So if I can ride, I'll ride 100, dirt centuries this year and ride pavement inbetween.

I tried to bunny hop this obstacle and got stuck. NOT!!

This makes me think of cheese burgers.

This wild Komodo Dragon tried to drag me into the brush and eat me. I tossed it a dog biscuit and snuck away.

Had the wonderful pleasure to meet "Denny" out on the trail today. He was putz'n along on a vintage 70 CC scooter. He was riding about 10 mph with his eyes glued to the side of the trail, looking for something. As I went by he asked me something, I didn't hear what he said.
I removed my earplugs and said "what?"
He repeated, "Did you see the Prairie Smoke"
I didn't know what that was and said "No"
He asked me if I wanted to see them.
"Sure" I said, and he said "Follow me" and "Watch you don't step on them"
So off we went, me following down a small bank, and leaped across running water.
He said "Look" there is one, "A very rare, endangered flower" And with that came a flood of information. He was born in the farm he pointed at. Told me about the railroad and steam engines that used to go through here, told me about a forest fire that took all the trees, showed me other wild flowers, told me all sorts of things. He asked me to visit his farm sometime he would show me many other wild plants he transplanted. I looked up his farm later from Google satellite and was amazed at the shrubs, trees, and could see his love for plants.

And here is the "Prairie Smoke"

So take time and smell the flowers,
Over and out.


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...


tainterturtles said...

Wow, you had a full day...miles, a visitor and a creature!

mrbill said...

Glad your knee isn't keeping you down, I also enjoy the plants, something I believe I got from my Grandad

Bill G said...

Awesome post Dave!!!

Sounds like you had an awesome ride!!!

Courtney said...

I wish I had the free time to ride that many centuries!

Jim Nariel said...

Hey great blog and great pictures. Like the pit bull

Dan O said...

Cool post today. I'm always amazed how open the landscape seems to be in Iowa.

You get some serious long rides in - awesome.

Steph said...

I gotta quit reading your blog while Im at work.
Just makes me wanna bail out of here and go ride!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flower! And nice sense of humor:)