Sunday, May 16, 2010

"just another day in paradise"

As the late, great, and wonderful Mr Bob Breedlove use to say, "just another day in paradise"
Bob was an amazing man, and an amazing bicyclist.
Now back to "paradise" today's ride was a beauty. Rode 65 miles of trail and gravel country side.

Green trail starting to grow shut. This is scheduled to become a blacktop trail. I would prefer it doesn't change from this.

Worms that will someday become flying trail snacks. Down the hatch.

Pulled into a small town looking for something to drink, I had 30 miles to go and my water bottles were empty. I saw a gas station mart with swarms of people and a line at the cashier and I did not feel like standing in line. I looked across the street and there she was, beckoning, a pop machine. So for three bucks a deal was made, and off I went.

The strong winds on the return trip had me at times standing on the pedals and maxing out at 8 mph. Legs are tired but a "good tired feeling"
So being I spent a good part of my weekend free time on a bicycle, I need to get some house chores done. Gotz ta go.
Hope your day was good one.


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

We paid for this weekend, in advance, over the last couple of weeks.

tainterturtles said...

We did the gravel ride today as well. I also saw lots of tent worms along the route. Another ride with lots of bugs/gnats, but it really was a beautiful ride.

Bill G said...

Saved by the vending machine - great call Dave!

Travel Gravel said...

The Wall Street Journal had a picture and short blurb about a vending machine in the UAE that dispenses gold bars or gold coins. GOLD! Crazy. Some miles lately, but not able to really get way out yet this year. Guess 25 miles at a crack will do for now. Later!