Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Did the manly man thing.

Mr Manly Man, working on his lawn rocks.

Came home after work thinking I'll chill a bit and then ride some bike. The longer I chilled the more zapped I became. Fell asleep for 10 minutes, woke up snacked and a drank a cup of coffee. Went downstairs to put on my bicycle gear and realized I need to take a day off. YES, the dreaded day off, the mind says go, and the body says NO. The legs felt like they were injected with lead.

So before long, as usual I decided I needed to do something. So I did the Manly man thing and worked in the yard all evening. Hmmm I don't know why that is manly except that is what the men of the neighborhood do. Dug up a tree stump that was from a auto accident that occurred last week and snapped off one of my 16 foot pine trees. Sawed the tree, into burnable firewood size, and then became the weed whacker man, etc. etc. etc.

Tomorrow I have an environmental monitoring meeting for stack emissions from coal burning.
I'll sit on my butt (_!_) all day.

And one other thing.

LEGS, do not plan on taking a day off tomorrow, ride we must. :-)

I hope all went well for y0u today, and thanks for stopping by.

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