Thursday, May 27, 2010

Miles and smiles.

After a brief visit to "my library" this morning I got on the road to bikeheaven. Enjoyed every one of the 15,000 pedal revolutions too. Was one of those days where bicycing felt like flying. Flew across dirt paths, trails and gravel roads for 65 miles. Never seemed like an effort, high heart rates and good mph came easy.

A long drink on a warm day. Packing 32 oz fluid jugs on days like these.

First time on this road. Mucky pond to my left.

Lots of fluids down the hatch.

Saw this person who lost their middles on my way back home.

Gonna go down and see the Love Monkeys tomorrow night. They are rocking outside under the town clock. These guys put on a great show.

Well thanks for stopping.
Over and Out.


mrbill said...

Looks like a good day on the bike, glad to see you got plenty of water, just about a month ago I would come home with half a bottle of water, not so now.

Bill G said...

That is a lot of liquid!!! I love summer time but the winter is awfully nice when, like mrbill said, you barely drink 1/2 bottle also!

That is usually because it froze shut as well!

Steph said...

Have a great weekend! I'm sure you'll get lots of riding adventures in.

I like the middle-less statue.