Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hill climbing.

Top picture is the sky tonight.
Bottom picture is Lock and Damn #11 on the Mississippi river viewed from Eagle Point Park
After a day at work I went out and had fun climbing hills on my road bike. Sorta oxymoronic making the legs hurt feels good. I try to time my acceleration so I am totally out of gas when I reach the summit, catch my breath and do it again. Did that 5 times and then just enjoyed a ride about town. After I got home tried to catch up on my chores around here, cut grass, work on my tree project, laundry, trying to get everything done so I can ride alotabike this weekend and chill out at mama's for mamas' day.
Well, I'll stay up and wait for son Caleb to get home, it's dark out and he is out somewhere motorcycle jumping and I feel better after I see the whites of his eyes.
Peace ya'll


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I like that top pic.

Bill G said...

That sky shot is amazing. Thanks for the helmet cam link!

mrbill said...

Nice Sky shot, have a great time riding this weekend and most of all enjoy Moms day with your mother!