Friday, May 21, 2010

Headed North

My daughter's FaceBook comment. Warms a father's heart.

"Melissa Hunter is excited to see her dad this weekend!! It's been way too long!"

So I took a half day off of work so I could ride a bike. I won't ride this weekend due to driving up to Lakeville Mn. for chill'n with the baby Cole.

Grabbed the skinnie tired bike and was headed for a some pavement riding. Before I got to the curb I realized my rear tire was flat. Ahhhhhhhggggggg!!!!! I did not say a bad word, replaced both the tire and tube, the tire had seen better miles. Down the street I went again, realizing that a storm is cooking so I hurried. Guess what? My tire went flat again, I must have pinched the tube when I replaced it. %$#@! $%^&%*. Yes I said that!!! Sorry. I replaced that tube again and away I went. Was a good ride. Pushed myself hard for 1.5 hours, felt good. Traffic was crazy, Friday midday madness. I had to crank as hard as I could and ride with the traffic because there was no room for me on the side. After a few miles I was able to find lesser traveled roads.

Now time to chill and catch some outdoor music. My lady and I went downtown where several bands were going to play outside this weekend. The music is great in this town just about every weekend there is bands playing outside, with almost always no cover.

Who is that guy with my girl? Oh that's is my friend Fred. I told him I was going to put him in my blog and he said "What is a blog?" Duh!!!! Fred is a Arteeest. Paints some neat stuff

So I explained an he said ok let em know I am single, and looking for a German girl. So I honored his request. Wallla.

This is one of the bands that played tonight. They rocked.

Ok time to go home, she's waiting.

Hope you had as much today as I did.

Over and out. Dave


Dan O said...

Traffic, artists and rock in Iowa? Who knew?

Looks like a great day out.

tainterturtles said...

Sounds like you did a fast/hard ride last night.

Nice way to end your night. Music, beer & relaxation...ahhhhhhh.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

In FB language: Like