Friday, April 16, 2010

FaceBook and Nuns

See below, my daughters post on FaceBook tonight. Geeepers Creeeepers. That is too funnny.

"Melissa Hunter is waiting for Brook to finish staining cabinets. In the mean time, go see this post from my dad (he's mildly insane, plus he likes it when people read his blog). "

I got to fly around on pavement tonight on my road bike. Wind buffeted me, made for a fun ride. Up and down hills for an hour. Part of my route is through a private section where a nun's home is. I was headed down a hill and watching a nun walk towards me just left of center of the road, and didn't notice a car pulling out in front of me from a parking lot to my right. When I did see the car in front of me, I was going about 20 mph. I locked up my rear brake, and half throttled my front brake, and started sliding sideways. The nun in the car that just pulled out in front of me was reading something and not even looking at me, she heard my yell and looked at me as we narrowly missed a collision. Somehow I think I would have gotten the worse of this had we crashed. Ya gotta love it.

Tomorrow I am headed to country riding, and gravel roads, for 62 miles, for another 100K in the dirt. I want that tranquility and good thoughts that riding 5 hours of country roads brings. I am looking forward to up the ante and doing 100 milers, but for tomorrow I have to much other stuff I need to get done around here so I'll keep it at 100K.

Peace and happy rides at ya.



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

It's nice that our kids put up with us.

tainterturtles said...

Have a good country ride tomorrow Mr D. Enjoy the quietness and nature around you.