Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back in the saddle again.

Was able to cut out of work after 9 hours. Decided the legs had two days off and it was time to punish them. Grinded for an hour, the adrenalin rush was a good buzz. Riding my road bike on pavement, first the legs felt heavy then they seemed to get lubricated and wanted to fly. I've been missing my nightly ride after work the last week due to long work hours. The Chainreaction Criterium is this Sunday, I taped my camera to handle bars and recorded a lap, one lap is a little over one mile I think.


Dan O said...

With the miles you put in, you should give the crit' race a try.

Give it a go - helmet cam in tow.....

Bill G said...

Agree with Dan on the crit. Go have fun. I did one last year on my touring bike - pretty funny. Even did a TT on my SS commuter.

Keep the wheel rubber side down and send me the mojo please :)

mrbill said...

Gettin down with Dave on the Crit course, allright! I knew you couldn't stay off the bike.