Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I almost turned into a tree Sloth today.

Came home after work, was beautiful biking weather out, plopped my arse on the couch and Judge Judy turned into the evening NEWS as I slipped into a coma and came back out of it. So now my Sloth part of me started doing the thinking. I start thinking tomorrow I am going to do a long ride, I feel zapped after falling asleep, so maybe I should take the day off from biking.
Started reading a couple of Blogs of TransIowa bikers, and couldn't stand it no more after seeing what these guys were willing to endure. Off with the work clothes, on with the biking gear. So glad I did. Legs were strong, bike felt light, flew on the pavement. Goes to show, don't listen to your sloth side, some days you do need a day off, but don't let your "sloth" side decide that.
Tomorrow I shall seize the day, gravel travel, with the day off work. The only problem, my biking addiction is not letting me get my house projects done. Hmmm oh well.
OK over and out.


tainterturtles said...

It's amazing what a little cat nap will do for a person. I'm glad you got out and rode. Did you say Judge Judy? Really????

Steph said...

glad ya got to get out!

Bill G said...

Isn't it amazing what someone elses perils do for motivation :)

I have been riding hard this week in honor of those studs!!!