Saturday, April 10, 2010

Country style

I found my "happy place" it was somewhere between my ears and miles of riding and exploring country side on a bicycle.
This is part of what used to be railroad. I could tell by the very old telephone poles that followed along with me. I enjoyed exploring like this. Made for some slow-go, but was worth it, enjoyed the new sights. Rode 62 miles, my usual 100K metric dirt centuries, that are becoming a habit.
Out field riding, cycle cross Trek XO2 worked perfect for this style of ride.

Burgers and beers made for a perfect ending for a dirt century. I add spinach, chives, oats, onions, grated cheese, and eggs to these burgers, delicious they be.
I was the only one in my work group that didn't work today. I work for a electric utility we are in an outage where the plant is shut down and yearly repairs are done, I've been working there for the last 33 years. I probably have more work hours in the last 15 years then any other employee there. Perhaps at times too busy, especially back then being a single parent with full custody and raising the kiddies. Now I think it's that time in life to play more. I've never heard a retiree say, that they had wished they had worked more often. Today was great. Priceless, rides like this. Tomorrow, hope for more of the same. :-)
I hope you had fun today too.