Monday, April 26, 2010

Day off

So after work my mind said let's ride, and my legs said NOT!! So I actually listened to my legs. They felt heavy on the stairs today. So the plans are 90 minutes tomorrow of pavement ripping, and taking Wednesday off of work and grinding on gravel for a 62 miler.

So I utilized the time I gained by not riding after work, and ran errands, picked up grocercies, had car oil changed, cut grass, and visited with my parents.

Had an odd event occur today. I half a block up the street, there was for some reason a 3 years sitting in the drivers seat, and his one year old brother sitting in the passenger seat of their van. The three year old was some how able to put the van in neutral and the van started rolling backwards down the street. Fortunately, very very fortunately I might add the van crashed into two of my pine trees. Which greatly cushioned the crash. No one was hurt, the van was totaled and two of my 31 pines trees I planted way back in 1981 are now deceased. Much much better then seeing somebody get hurt.

That is all I know for now.

over and out



Dan O said...

Wow - glad the kids didn't get hurt - or someone run over.

My brother, around 6 years old at the time, did same thing. My dad jumped into the rolling car and stopped it.

When I was in high school, neighbor's contractor truck across the street, parking brake let go early in the morning - rolling into our house. Incredible noise. Hit the corner of the house, so not much damage. Truck was pretty banged up.

It did get me up early for school that day - much better then the usual alarm clock....

Steph said...

Oh my... that's like something you see on the news!
Joy ridin!

but yeah- glad that only the tree was hurt :)

Bill G said...

Glad they are safe - I remember doing that as a kid on top of the continental divide. I got in a little bit of trouble :)

mrbill said...

I thought maybe you had your wife do the mowing and chores while you were riding