Saturday, April 3, 2010

Windy travels.

Started out with knees bugging me. They straightened up after 10 miles or so, not wanting to spoil the party. Really windy, had a full head win on the way out, so I paid my dues up front, and got blasted home. Was hitting flying speeds on the gravel on the way back with a 25 mph wind helping to push me home.

Rode all dirt trails for 62 miles, two granola bars for fuel, and about 100 oz of fluids. Seen a few bikers crawling out of their winter hibernation. Ran into a slew of bugs, bazillions of em flying around.

Today is my birthday, it is also my son, Joshua's birthday he is 23, and not only that but the night Josh was born, the doctor that pulled him out of the oven, it was his birthday that night too. I think the odds of that are 365X365 to have three random people with the same birth date. Hope to repeat the today's bicycle trip, tomorrow, then it is work, work work, and more work.

Thanks for stopping in.



tainterturtles said...

I'm sure it was a nice day for a ride despite the windy conditions.

Bill G said...

Nice pictures!!! Hope you had a great birthday. Any news on the Helmet Cam!

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Perfect way to celebrate. Happy Birthday!

Travel Gravel said...

All the best to you! That road with the stone walls along side is a gift in itself. Is that a county road? Officially recognized road? Rum Runner's road? Too bad about having to work for a long stretch:( The price we pay.

mrbill said...

Happy Birthday Dave and many more, many more on the bike too. Keep gettin in those miles, I want you ready for RAAM

MrDaveyGie said...

Thanks everybody. Bill G, I haven't decided on a helmet cam yet, I got a couple of people I want to ask their advice. TG that road is Heritage Trail, was a railroad built in the 1880s and now converted to trail. There is a lot of these rock cuts, that were for the most part done with pick axes. Mr Bill thanks but good grie, ""RAAM"" did you watch the video clip "Bicycle Dreams?" It is about the one and only RAAM

Steph said...

Happppy Birthday :)
glad you got to have a day of doing what ya love.

The cloud pic is so cool, looks like the clouds are so low to the ground!