Sunday, April 18, 2010

Riding in town, and watching a Crit.

Didn't want to wait for the train, so I rode against the flow until I could cross. Rode all around this town for a couple of hours. Plenty of hills to make it fun. Some before the Crit race started and some after. Is going to be a busy work week, this week. Will be glad when it is over. We will be trying to start up the boiler/turbine/generator after repairs and new improvements. Hmm, and my concern is not working so long that it prevents me from getting my arse on a bike after work. Perhaps narrow minded, but no regrets about that. :-)

Above Cat V, just starting their 12, one mile laps.

This is the Cat 3 group. I timed their last lap of one mile that is curvy and slight rolling hills. 2 minutes flat. That is 30 miles per hour. YIKES.
Ok, CMA is on, and for those that don't like country, that stands for Country Music Awards. :-)
Over and out.


Travel Gravel said...

Can you believe that they muffed Brooks & Dunn's mics on their farewell performance?! ARGHHHH! They played the Boone County Fair in about 1990, around the era of Neon Moon. They went through my area (electronics) and looked at their cassette tapes, joking that we must not be selling many because the racks were so full. Then they went about their way, and checked out through my then-future-wife's checkout line. She was oblivious to who they were.

MrDaveyGie said...

B & D has certainly banged out the hits. I said to my lady that somebody is going to get fired over this mic mishap.