Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Putting the Fat-Back into Bicycling.

Holy Molley, after bouncing off the bridge planks from my bicycle crash Sunday, I found it hard to move around the next two days. So being I didn't pedal for two days as a result I took the day off for longer ride time today.

This morning it was 2 degrees F, I waited until it warmed up to whooping 4 degrees with a wind chill of -8 before I started to ride.

Birgit was out front when I saddled up and this is what she had to say me.

So if being "nutz" is based on deviating from society norms, and I probably will not see another cyclists for weeks at a time now that winter is here, perhaps she is on to something, but none the less I headed out.

OK I have to give my trail report now for Triple D race this Jan 16th being I have been assigned this task. Trail is in good shape, snow mobiles have compacted the snow quite well. I rode out 20 miles and 20 miles back. Hardly spun out at all and no crashes today. It is in good shape for the runners also. Skiers there is some gravel showing in the center in some places, but the path is wide, and there is room to ski on the side.

Came around a corner and surprised 7 eagles all sitting in a tree, they all headed upwards before I could get a picture.

I really wore down in the end, 6 to 8 mph pushing these big 4 inch tires. It was a gring but a great work out. Sun started going down, a chill was setting in me. Fatigue was grabbing a hold of me. This FatBack Bike, nothing else would ride like this. This bike rides great on the snow mobile trails. Winter will not hinder time spent on bike. No regrets.

Saw this old telegram structure, long ago abandoned. I wonder how many thousands and thousands of messages were sent through here. Happy news, sad news, all kinds of news.

Saw the Gnome again, he is still being mum about sharing any information on the location of the money tree. If we think 10 inches of snow is a lot we ought to try it being only 2 inches tall.
This is all I have to say,

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Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Nutz is a good thing!

Bill G said...

Just think how fast you will be come spring when you get on a bike with sub 40 tires!

Ride on Nutz Man - and you have a lot of company!

Courtney said...

I want some snow too

Dan O said...

4 degrees. That sounds more painful then spinning those fat tires.

tainterturtles said...

Poor Birgit, she's just struggling with her honey's obsession of CYCLING!!!

Remember to be safe out there ok?

Joboo said...

Nice Fats!!!
i just happened on your blog through the TD race blog.
i a proud owner of a near 1 year old Pug. i got on it last Jan. and haven't got off yet!!! the most fun i've ever had on a bike!!
i'm gearing up for a 2012 run at the AH 135, and will be following your efforts in the TD, as this will be on the list for '12 for me.

Peace, Joboo