Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rain changing to Snow

I rode 15 miles out on snow covered Heritage Trail, on the FatBack. My Endo Tire on the back and Larry on the front kept me hooked up good to the packed snowmobile paths and holding about a 8 mph average. It was 31 degrees, the light rain turned into a winter icy rain storm, it poured. I became soaked to the bone, wind picked up, I couldn't stay warm. I wanted to ride farther out, but I knew better I was at least 2 - 3 hours from getting home and I was starting to get chilled down to my core.

So I turned back around, the snow fall got heavier and heavier. Like a blizzard. It got harder to follow a good track, several times my bike slid out on me, I never did fly off the bike which is a good thing.

Me and the FatBack arrive home, cold, soaked, and hungry.

The FatBack says, "That was fun, let's do that again"

To that I say, "Get yourself a younger man."

The snow fall out in the country was beautiful today, I did not see another another soul the entire ride, I had it all to myself. I wonder why more people don't get out and enjoy this.

The folks over at "Cup-O-Dirt said some nice things about me. BuTTT!!!! They are my inspiration, all I did was ride 100 metric Dirt Centuries, slowly. The hardest part was managing the time it took, the ride was the fun part. It was their sight that got me started on this in 2008 I rode 18, 2009 54, and 2010 100.

Well it's been snowing for hours now, I hope the Snow Mobilers get out and pack down the trails and I will be out there again tomorrow.

So thanks for visiting my blog.



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Cold and wet is really rough. Glad you got home and warm.

Travel Gravel said...

Is the frame on your new bike steel? If so, is it treated internally to resist snow/salt? I would have to believe that it is. Went out Thursday night for a 2 hour gravel ride in the dark. Light went down about an hour out. No worries, my 45 years young eyes worked OK. Later Dave!

MrDaveyGie said...

Hi TG, this FatBack's frame is Alum with a steel fork. With not having a attached garage I carry my snow ride through the house nad into the basement for clean up after every slushy ride. Pain inthe buttocks.

Courtney said...

I never treat any of my steel frames just hang them and make sure that the inside stays dry. Dave you are craZy and that is coming for the crazy guy.

MrDaveyGie said...

Thank you Courtney, from a dedicated (some would say crazy) rider like yourself, that is a high level compliment.