Saturday, December 18, 2010

LotZ of riding

Rode on snow mobile trails for 6 hours. This bike rides well on these trails. I never flew off the bike once which is a good indication my tires were hooking up. I did slide out sometimes but stayed on my feet. Towards the end I was running out of gas. Saw lots of snow mobiles. This time of year I consider this place their trail. I am a guest. I pull over so they can ride through. I wave at each one. They all wave back, we have a mutual respect that we are both out here. I try to keep up a good relationship. Without them knocking down a path, I wouldn't be able to ride out here.
For the Triple D racers, the trail remains in great shape. Lots of snow mobile action keeping the additional snow well packed.

Temps were from 9 to 14 F. I was never cold at all. I took inventory of my clothing. 3 of my long sleeve upper body wear is Merino Wool which works great for wicking sweat. Zippers add a great heat control method and my last 4 layers have zippers.

Upper body.
1 Long sleeve
2 Long sleeve turtle neck.
3 Long sleeve turtle neck (zipper)
4 Long sleeve (zipper)
5 Jersey (zipper)
6 Wind breaker (zipper)

7 Light sock
8 Heavy sock
9 winter SIDI biking shoes
10 Shoe cover

11 Helmet Liner
12 Helmet
13 Wool socking hat
14 Baclava

15 Gloves
16 ATV Handle bar mitts


17 Long insulated leg covers
18 Biking shorts
I discovered a lil Gnome Home, seems they live in igloos for the winter season. Cheers, thanks for visiting


dawn marie giegerich said...

Laundry in the living room? Birgit, you are a saint.

MrDaveyGie said...

SHHHH!!!!! Dawn. Pulease, Don't ruin it for me. Oh did I mention the bike is leaning against the dining room table?

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

You guys had sun. Nice!
I barely made it for 3 hours today. 6! You're an animal.

mrbill said...

Now I know how you dress for the cold, just put on everything in the closet. Six hours in those conditions, "You da Man", did you "Stop"

MrDaveyGie said...

Oh Hi Mr. Bill, I sure do stop. Nature calls, my water bottles are usually frozen so I need to unscrew to take drinks, I chatted with some CC skiers, sometimes up to 10 snow mobiles go by, it's single lane only so I stop and let them go by one by one. Food breaks, Picture shoots, It's slo-mo.