Friday, December 31, 2010

Please I need you to be brutally honest with me.

Does this nose of mine appear bulbous? I mean I have never even heard this word in my entire life prior until I saw it on my sister's blog. She described us, her family as such, "German gnomes with bulbous noses"  on her blog. This is really having an effect on me now that I am soon to become famous. Please read previous blog from 12/29/10 regarding my new found fame, if this sounds confusing.

If you recall the same thing happened to Michael Jackson. After he became famous he could not stand his 'bulbous' nose and had it whacked off.

So after serious consideration regarding this, I have made a decision. I will have my nose altered. After all fame does have it's cost$.

Ok, moving on. The Telegraph Herald News Paper's photographer phoned me yesterday regarding the article they want to do about winter/night bicycling. So Sunday evening they want me to ride on Heritage trail, I will leave my house at 4 p.m. and ride down through the trails into the dark. They will take pictures as I ride past, and perhaps leap frog ahead and do more then one shoot. What ever!! I am just there for the bike ride, like always.
I did a phone interview, I don't know if that is it or not. It never really got to the heart of this, why we bikers bike like we do. Spose we are not really sure. It was funny, shortly into the interview, I was describing when, where, and how much I ride, and he then asked me, "Do people think your nuts?"

Tomorrow I hope for a full day bicycling wandering around on trails. It will be interesting the trail conditions with the last two days in the 40s and now headed for 5 degrees F. That can make for a hard ice rocky ride when all the slush freezes jagged. 

Oh and I almost forgot, HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY. Thanks for being my blogger friend.


dawn marie giegerich said...

"I am just there for the bike ride, as always." Bulbuos sh**!
Hey, don't ride over any reporters and I am so-o-o waiting for this article!

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I hope you post a link to the article on your blog.
I wouldn't worry about the nose.

tainterturtles said...

Oh please Mr Dave, not the Michael Jackson nose! Please reconsider, I beg you! Just buy yourself a new'll feel better, trust me!!!

Courtney said...

I did a tv interview last spring with KCCI about bike commuting. It was pretty cool I'm now know at work as "the bike guy" and everyone asks me "did you ride your bike today?"

Bill G said...

Happy New Year Dave!!

I hope you recognize us peons in your new found new nose fame!

Ride on!

Yes we are crazy!

mrbill said...

Happy New Year to you Dave, I've really enjoyed visiting your site in 2010. I'd tell you to keep riding your bike but that would be like telling a bear to poop in the woods. Have a great New Year, after the nose job how about an "Afro" that would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Yes, post a link to the article! If you go for the Jackson nose, beware of it falling off!

Dan O said...

Keep the original nose. Think of it as a turbocharger.

If the snow gets too deep for those fat tires, you may need to resort to this....