Friday, December 24, 2010


Geeepers, slip and slide, slop and slush and that other "s" word. Yes the "other s word" SNOW and lots of it. We are headed for one of the snowiest Decembers ever. After this last snow the trails needs some snow mobile action to pack down the snow. I spent 3 hours going 10 miles. Slid out a bunch of times.

Was headed back home with the 'Fat' on the back of the car and saw a truck go by with a FatTired bike on the back. So I had to turn around. There are only two FatTired bikes in this county of 90,000. Well actually 1.5 mine and Lance Andre's. Lance's only counts as a half attendant because he lives here and in Florida.

Ok back to the FatTired sighting. I followed him back into the trail parking lot, introduced myself and him to me. He's from Iowa City, just got his MukLuk, and was loving it. He said it is like when you get your first bike and  the joys that come with it. Sorry I forgot your name, that happens a lot at my age,  but if you read this please drop a comment.

Well I hope a tribe of snow mobiles goes up and down the trails tonight so the trails get packed and ride abled.  I would like to get more miles in then I did today.

Well time to watch my new DVD, Race Across the Sky the great Leadville 100  bicycle race of 2009.  I originally saw it in the theaters last year. Kim West gave me 10 free tickets I passed em out to some other bikies.

Well I hope you've been good boys and girls, and Santa is good to you tonight. Maybe there will be a FatBack tomorrow under the tree.

See you out there,


Bill G said...

Merry Christmas Dave

MrDaveyGie said...

Thanks a bunch Bill, same to you and yours.