Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Creepy Baby and her friends.

...................Creepy Baby and her Friends

So I talked back and forth with myself for an hour after work trying to decide if I should go out after dark and ride some on deserted snow mobile trails. I say deserted because on a Tuesday night it would probably be just me and a few deer, beaver, and raccoons running around.

I ended up with a no. I wanted to ride. The "no" logic being mainly driven from the fact that my 4 surgery knee is not cooperating. So I have a appointment with the doc tomorrow, if it goes as I prefer, he will drain the fluid, relieving the pressure, reducing the pain, and increasing the mobility.

Then, unless my doctor totally insists I do not, I will ride. He's knows my drive, he says I bicycle to much, he knows my knee is eventually headed for a polyethylene and titanium one. He knows I don't listen well to his warnings.
I'll pack lights, a snack, fluids, and music. Will get 5 hours plus in and finish the ride after darkness.

I have FatBack Bike all ready to go, with double set of batteries for head light, two blinkie lights for the rear in case there is a snow mobiler out rip'n up the trails and coming up from behind at a high rate of speed and tries to run right up my arse.

It will be "warm" tomorrow, 18 F. More snow coming, the trails are well packed, my fat 4 inch tires will hook up well even as more snow falls.

Ok be sensible, and not like me.



tainterturtles said...

Happy riding tomorrow, but take care of that knee too.

Who's that pretty lady with ALL those babies?????

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

OK, I didn't say this, and will totally deny, if it ever comes back to me, but staying off that knee was a good decision.

dawn marie giegerich said...

That sunlight on the snow is so lovely. No advice on the knee because you won't listen anyway.

Trevor Woodford said...

Go easy on that knee but enjoy your ride tomorrow.

Bill G said...

You are sensible - the others are crazy!! Never forget that!

I want a snowbike!!!!

Remember that warning you gave me about allotment and I called and he said it was good - well he lied!

Joboo said...

That voice always wins, No, not that one, the other one!!!! ;)
Many a time I've been thankful for the agrument about riding or not. When ya have the perfect tool for the weather, it's pretty hard to lose that conversation!!

That's weird about your knee. I had my ACL replaced along another procedure done on said knee, in '96. As long as I turn the pedals, without too much of a break in-between pedal's.... my knee feels great, even during the dark times.
Doc says biking is the best for knees.


MrDaveyGie said...

Yeap Jobo, my knee too, usually does great if I am stay on the pedals. Something, sometimes it flairs up. Today the Doc said this about biking today, NO, NO, NO. He numbed the joint and drained fluid. I am thinking I should be ready tomorrow to hit the trails.

MrDaveyGie said...

Billy G, I had that feeling, the Muk wasn't going to made deadlines. The "Fat" a.k.a. FatBack is a great bike, my recommendation.

Dan O said...

18 degrees - sounds comfy - not.

I've been lucky, no knee issues for me, and I'm almost at 50 years old (holy crap).

Is your doc sports minded? If not, of course he'll sit home. If he is sports minded, keep his recommendation in mind - but do what you think your body can handle. You know what works for yourself.

My doc is actually a triathlete and we talk bikes, the Tour, etc when I visit (not often - good thing). I respect his opinion over the old fat doc, smoking out by the dumpster...

MrDaveyGie said...

Dan O, I chuckle, because my regular doctor had a thing with the smokes and he would go out by the dumpster and wear surgical gloves to eliminate the smell of cigs.
So true what you say, I need to work witha a sport doctor. I want to ride and I want medical treatment to center around that.