Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Riding the night away.

I had bike all ready to go when I got off work today. I made some weight reduction modifications to my bike after riding a friends FatBack that was about 30 lbs lighter then my fully loaded FatBack and realling noticing the zip that the lightness brought. I changed seat, seat post, and pedals. Removed back rack and 'luggage box'. I attached a seat bag to carry the bare essentials.
Before I left I filled tired to 14 psi, I figure it would be easier to remove some air psi then to add some.

After about 4 miles of riding I knew I needed to drop some air psi in tires to get them to have a larger profile to hook up better, and stop the sliding around.

I was unscrewing the rubber cap on the presta valve and didn't realize I was removing the entire valve core. I did realize what I had done when all the air was blowing out the stem and I simultaneously realized I had forgotten to bring along my air pump. PANIC HITS!!!! I hurriedly screwed the cap back in that had the valve core attached to it. The air loss stopped and I had about 2 psi in my front tire.
What amazed me was this tire still worked. The sidewalls were bulging, but I had great traction in the snow for front control with the large footprint profile. These 4 inch tires are amazing.

Temps were 10 degrees and dropping, I was dressed in light layers of wool and a wind breaker. Was very comfortable. After years of this winter riding, I am still learning, modifying my dress.
The ride was beautiful out here tonight. The solitude gave way to reflection, I shut my IPOD off to listen to the silence.

I rode an hour out and and hour back. I would have liked to have stayed out longer. As Arnold would say, "I'll be back." 

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Travel Gravel said...

Someone should make a bead locking ring for tires and rims that large (like sprint cars and rock crawlers.) Then you could even run flat. For a while at least. I had a rear hub freeze and explode last winter at about mile 11 out. Panic flashed for a moment, but like you, I thought my way out of it. Keep on!

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Solitude, reflection and silence...some of my favorite cycling companions.

Joboo said...

Whenever I think I let too much air out of my fat tires, I usually didn't let enough out! Funny how that works.

I hardly ever listen to the iPod during the winter, to much to hear as I pedal through the woods!! :))
I love the the snow crunching under the 4" tires!!


Bill G said...

That looks awesome Dave!!!

Happy New Year

Steph said...

I SUCK at working with presta valves. I always end up letting all the air out. Or ripping the valve stem off the tube entirely. Glad you were able to finish your ride !:)

Mauricio Babilonia said...

Dave, did you get the Uma rims from Speedway? They seem to have a pretty good bead seat for low pressures.

MrDaveyGie said...

Hi Michael, yes I got the UMA II rims from Speedway. They work very well. Remember that section last year that we all pushed our bikes to get out of town at Triple D?
I rode that today to get out of town, and it rode ok. On the way back I had to push, because it had thawed to a slush with a icy base. So I thought, well I got nothing to lose, I'll let almost all the air out of tires. I bet they were both 2psi. But I could then ride and the rims held the bead in.