Sunday, December 12, 2010

Inside ride, or outside ride?

LQQK'n out my front porch this morning. I got sidewalks to clear, steps to shovel, cars to clean up and start, all the while trying to decide is it worth it to ride outside today or should I ride the indoor rollers today.
Do I get all dressed up in layers, haul the bike up the basement stairs, load on car, drive to trail, after ride haul back down stairs, hose off, dry, and lube. It's 12 degrees out. Is it worth it? Or should I stay indoors and just ride the rollers?
I decided "What am I thinking? I bought the ultimate snow bike. Let's go, I'm burning daylight.

As you can see by this picture it was well worth it. It was a winter wonder land out there today.

Beware of masked men out riding snow trails.

Trail was hard and well packed for cycling. I rode 2 hours out and realized I didn't pack any lights, and it would start getting dark in 2 hours so I turned around. When your shadow is 50 feet long you know your day light is leaving soon.

The wind was picking up on the way home, trail was snow drifting over in some places. Temperature dropping, headed below zero F

The 'Fat Bike' rides great on the snow. It's harder work with the big tires and weight, but it climbs hills and clings to the snow like no other.

Hope your day had some fun in it too.




Dan O said...

Complete pouring rain here today - so 1 hour on the trainer for me.

Glad to see you out. That trail looks cool covered in snow.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Beautiful trail shot.
Gonna get mighty cold here tonight.

dawn marie giegerich said...

That bike owns you, little bro.

tainterturtles said...

Your trail photos are great, but mighty cold my friend! Thank heavens for your snow bike to get you home safe and sound.

Trevor Woodford said...

Some great shots in the snow. Keep riding..!

Anonymous said...

Love that pic you're using for the top o the blog. Awesome snowbike too!