Wednesday, December 1, 2010

through the woods

Been busy, working, helping son Josh move, and other stuff.
I have been night riding on trail paths an hour and half every night.
I haven't pushed the pace hard, still feeling this ride out, and navigating with headlight view only on trail paths.
In the dark the logs look like Aligators, and the big stumps look like Grizzly Bears, and a hanging vine is a Green Viper snake. At least I hope they are logs, stumps and vines and not what they look like.

Coming back and tweaking the bike, making changes, different combinations of equipment, and adjustments. Riding at night in the cold on trail paths requires everything to be 'just right.'
My lighting system works great, and I carry a back up head strap LED light in case my headlamp fails. I shut my head light off to see how dark it was, and you couldn't see in the woods good enough to walk out of there.

The FatBack is a great ride, I'll never have a iota of a regret buying this beast.

Ok keep riding,



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Light is a good thing.

tainterturtles said...

Man, you are a brave one! Biking in the way!

Your bike looks like something out of a scifi movie!

Bill G said...

Where is the snow????

You dealt directly with the guys in Alaska correct? I just found out that my LBS did not put my order in so I am contemplating a Mukluk from another source or going the Fatback route.

Decisions Decisions

mrbill said...

So I guess yall are into your six months of Darkness, enjoy, careful of Vampires and Zombies

MrDaveyGie said...

Mr Bill G. I will send you an Email with some FatBack info.

Courtney said...

When your light fails (its happened to me before) you need to wait about 10 minutes (have a beer) then you'll have enough night vision to ride out slowly.

Steph said...

That bike is tooooooo coool. Cant' wait to see it in the snow :)

Dan O said...

That bike is a really cool set up. Super trick.

I dig and run the Magic Shine light as well - killer deal for the dough.