Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thoughts and a ride.

First and foremost. Sept. 11, 2001. My mind has been here all day. I think about the Americans murdered, I think about the men ad women in active duty that gave their lives trying to save others that day. I think about the sleazy cowards that did this. We the people of free countries, must stand together to fight terrorism.

Marco Siegert, 21 years old, husband, father, son, infantry, sharp shooter, is putting his life on the line, to do his duty, and soon will be walking the streets of Afghanistan with a M-16 in his hands. Marco we are grateful, and wish you God speed, and your return, and a job well done.

Another day pedaling, pedaling, pedaling out in the country. #64. Beautiful day, for such. Certainly no land speed records set today by a long shot. The ride was more like "duty" and keeping my nose to the grindstone, one pedal revolution after another until my required mileage was complete. Been dealing with this sore throat, sinus infection of some sort for the last week, my legs feeling a little achy. Some of my zip was zapped.

However I needed to ride in spite of all the above. I wouldn't feel good about myself by taking the slouch potato position for the day.

Seems the day consisted of two parts, bicycling, and house chores. That is fine by me. Bicycling made the day what it was.

I need to pack up a log saw on one of my trips soon, branches and fallen small trees, slow down the pace on my route to often.

That won't be tomorrow, tomorrow the goal is mileage

This little fellow rode a long ways with me. There was no charge for the ride.

Odd, this morning, the water from my faucets had a slight discoloration, I'm thinking, what next? In my first block of pedaling I discovered this in the streets, a major water main break. The second break was a block further away. I went home and filled up the tub, and several buckets of water, I figured that would be enough to share with the neighbors to flush toilets if we didn't have water this weekend. I was surprised, when I came back home from my ride, the damage was repaired. I said to one of the workers you guys don't mess around.

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tainterturtles said...

Hope you feel better. Bike man and I have been dealing with a cold/sinus all week long. In fact, I coughed along my whole ride today! Thank heavens I took lots of kleenex with me.

Happy riding.

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Clive Chapman said...

You're lucky, the water board by me would need to fill out a dozen forms in triplicate, have endless meetings, then lose the forms and start again even before they got to the damaged pipe!

When they did eventually get there there'd be more tea breaks and strikes than you could shake a stick at.

Yes Severn Trent, I'm talking about you!