Thursday, September 9, 2010

Seasonal changes

Leaves are dropping from their trees. That starts to open up the woods. I can see things that I couldn't see all summer. I notice trails that need exploration. Bugs are slowing down, in numbers and intensity. Deer are more frequent, snakes and turtles are seldom seen now. Walnuts and acorns are all over the trails, squirrels, red, and greys are running around like crazy. Sometimes they'll run inches from my rolling front tire, I don't want to hurt them.
My ride is lighter, not packing 6-8 lbs of fluids, 3lbs is enough, with a refill somewhere along the way if necessary.

I'll hear somebody target shooting at times. Soon I'll hear squirrel hunters, then deer hunters firing their guns. I won't stop riding out here with that additional risk, I hope they use wisdom and know where not to point those fire sticks.

This is perfect riding weather, heat and humidity suck the energy out of you, it limits your effort. No matter how tough of a rider you are, heat and humidity will always win if you push it. Cool dry weather gives that lost energy back. Time to ride.

Farmers are out picking corn. We wave at each other, something about we are the only ones out here gives us a bond with each other.

Finger tips and arms are the first to notice it's getting colder. Legs are slower to notice the drop in temperatures. But soon feet and legs will also need special attention to stay warm.

Every season has it's own special attributes. Fall has more then the others, I thinks.

FALL 2009

Time for something called sleep, zzzzzzzzzzzz.




tainterturtles said...

I noticed the same thing yesterday along the Red Cedar trail. The leaves are dropping so you can see a lot more. Yup, fall is really here now.

Dan O said...

Fall riding is the best for places with four actual seasons. Cool temps, changing leaves, no bugs. I still miss the East Coast fall.

We're spoiled in the Seattle area though - much of our summer feels like East Coast fall.

Fall here means the rainy season approaches. Not that cold, but gray and wet.

Clive Chapman said...

"Winter draws on" as my old Nan used to say...

Bill G said...

Finally getting some riding in after work today.

Love the fall time!!!

Have a great weekend Dave

dawn marie giegerich said...

Hunters . . . ugh.
Nice write about fall.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Cooler temps ae nice. Less light sucks. I like the smells of fall a lot.