Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gratitude and dirt trails


She is up to two miles at a time now. She just loves her new bicycle. She feels unfortunate about the circumstances that brought her this bike however. A father bought this bike for his Down's syndrome daughter. She really wanted to ride a bicycle like the rest the kids. It didn't work out, her eyesight was not good enough to drive safely.


Tom works the entrance gate to Eagle Point Park. I bicycle through this park a couple of times a week. When Tom sees me coming he stands and waves enthusiastically. Tom loved his bicycling. He has a muscle nerve degenerative disease that has now caused some cracking in the bones of his feet. The doctor says no more bicycling. Tom has told me that he so misses bicycling and he said it was so good for his overall health.


Dave spends a big chunk of his free time bicycling. He can have a tendency to whine about the little things. Dave needs to learn to wake up and smell the roses and be appreciative of all his blessings.

Banged out my 3rd dirt metric century in 4 days, plans are for another one tomorrow. Saw a bunch of other bicyclist, stopped and talked to a few biker friends, we keep it short because the ride is why we are out there. I knew I was in trouble on my out and back route, because 10 miles before my turn around point I could quit pedaling and the wind would slowly keep me moving forward. So the return trip was 7 mph standing on the pedals for that section. Total mule gruel'n. Riding a old bike of mine that last two days just because, I was going to rebuild my Hybrid steel frame bike this weekend and give her a ride, but as usual time ran out, maybe next weekend. I kept a steady pace today, saving a little in my gas tank to finish off my riding plans tomorrow. If I have too, I will resort to my newly discovered secret weapon Cheesy Crackers and Ho Ho's. Yeap I've recently heard that is a standard for fast rides. I will not reveal my sources, but you know who you are. :-)

Bye Ya'll



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

The addictions just continue to accumulate, don't they.

tainterturtles said...

I don't understand it. I just could never do HoHo's....sorry. I'm a granola bar kinda woman!!!!!

Your ride today sounded very nice.

Dan O said...

Clif bars for me. Cool Mint Chocolate flavor - could live on 'em if needed.

Ride while you can - can see how "stuff" happens that ends your riding time - especially as old age creeps up.

A few years ago, my dentist - nice guy and mountain biker - hit by ALS. From diagnosis to death in about 2 years. During this I was feeling a little guilty about spending funds on a new carbon road bike - said screw it and bought it.

I think of my dentist at times when I ride it. A little life wake up call, this little gig doesn't last forever.

amy said...

Hi Dave - all cheesy crackers are delicious and effective. The very best cheesy crackers are the doritoes brand. They are cheesy crackers stuck together with some sort of dorito paste. Not all gas stations have them but if you see them, try them. They probably contain no actual food, but mmmmmm.

Bill G said...

Great Post Dave.

We should all be thankful!

MrDaveyGie said...

Thanks Amy, I am now in search of the real deal cheeesy crakers.

Based on the milage/speed you and Tom crank out, it's gotta work. :-)