Thursday, September 2, 2010

A day meant for bicycling

Thoughts this morning

Looks like storms coming. I'm not looking at the weather forecast, I'm not looking at the radar, I don't want to rethink my plans and not be doing the "ride"

62 miles of gravel travel later.
Good ride, didn't push the pace. My legs didn't exactly feel cement filled like
Mr. H.L. the Minniesoda bullet has been currently experiencing, but more like mud filled. So I worked on just keeping the pace steady. Just wasn't the zip in the legs. However yesterday I went in a hour and a half early, worked through lunch, and stayed over 2 hours late finishing up the annual stack emissions testing for the EPA/DNR requirements. It was worth the effort because we got done a day early. But a bit of zip and zap was sacrificed.

At 32 miles I woofed down a couple of Pop Tarts, washed down with a Diet Mountain Dew, some caffeine and carbs let me pick up the pace a bit.

Came around a corner about right on top of a lady and her 3 dogs, two of them looking something like a German Shepherd mix and the other maybe a Musky. Well they were going to do their job and that was protect their owner. She grabs one, and I start talking firmly to the one advancing on my front side, he slow downs, meanwhile the 3rd dog circles around my backside for a sneak attack. The dog approaching my front side sniffs the backside of my offered hand, all the while I am talking firmly trying to make a "friendly connection" with me in charge. The lady is not letting go of the dog she grabbed right away, I'm thinking she must have grabbed the bad boy of the bunch. That leaves the other two dogs to move as they desire. She's telling the dog approaching my backside to back off, soon situation is under control and we discuss the beautiful day briefly as a way of a breathing a sigh of relief, and I clip back in and ride on.

Hoping for a bunch more riding this Labor Day weekend, maybe do some McDirty's with some of my older bikes. The weather report looks perfect for such.

Discovered this weapon of mass destruction in the small town of Dyersville.
Saw this guy hissing at me the closer I got. I told him to forget it, I'm not eating the apple.

It's funny how the mind works sometimes. I'm pedaling past thousands of beautiful wild flowers, and I have this two second flash thought. I'm going to capture these in a picture, print out a glossy high quality photograph, frame and give to my mama who loves wild flowers. Then like an anvil dropped out of the sky on your heart, my memory returns and remembers mama is gone. I think sad for a few moments, and force myself to change my thoughts, and ride away. I smile later and think mama can see em anyway. It's funny how a mind works sometimes.

The "vampire" a.k.a. the bat is still somewhere lurking in my house. Probably strategizing for an attack against all of us. I hope Creepy Baby will save us.

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Melissa said...

I am so jealous of your current ability to exercise I can't even express it adequately. I am still cranky and unable to run more than 1.5 miles without being in debilitating pain.

Melissa said...

(And yes, I'm cranky and evil to boot. Just ask poor hubby.)

Dan O said...

Impressive that Creepy Baby can thwart off bat attacks.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Nice flowers and thoughts.

dawn marie giegerich said...

Like the dog story - you speak the language. Like the mama story. Feeling kind of sad these days.

Steph said...

You tell such great bike-ride stories... I feel like I was out riding with ya myself. thanks for always sharing :)

tainterturtles said...

Good handle on those dogs!

Sounds like you had an interesting ride.