Monday, September 6, 2010

Back on my favorite bike.

Rode my 4th Metric 62 miler century on gravel in the last 5 days today.

Felt great. That makes # 62 of my goal of 100 for 2010. I'm still not close enough to feel the end, to see the target, to have it in my sights. So I'll just keep nudging closer.

Some of the challenges are to completing this goal.

1. Getting the time needed.

2. Injuries

3. Getting snowed out early in December. I love riding in the snow, however snow riders know that conditions can easily be such that mileage goals change to just getting time on the bike.

I will keep on, keeping on. If I don't get 100, knowing me, I'll have a hard time not going after it again in 2011.

I would rather target other bicycling challenges instead, I've never rode 150 miles in a day, which would be one.

I would like to spend more time exploring some trails. Doing more single path.

Would like to do some pavement touring.

Was back on my favorite dirt trail bike today, my Trek XO2. Saturday and Sunday I rode my old Trek 1220 just to have fun on a different bike. However my Trek XO2 rides so smooth and is dialed in just right for my ride.

Ghost riders. Actually the movie "Field of Dreams" was filmed 5 miles from this spot.

Thank you for stopping by, leave a comment if you would, I would like to hear from you.




dawn marie giegerich said...

Proud of you, bro. "Is this heaven?"
"No, it's Iowa." Wish I'd said that.
Oh, got all the way out to Wal-mart. Didn't have the note with your Ipod instructions. Tomorrow, another day.

mrbill said...

Really Impressive Dave, yes, our goals do change to fit us as we age, but the main thing is to enjoy the ride, and it seems that you do that rather nicely.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

The miles you are putting on are huge! The fact that you are already thinking about next year shows the seriousness of your addiction.

Steph said...

VERY impressive!!

tainterturtles said...

I love your "field of dreams" bicycle shot. How do you think up this stuff...oh ya that's right, you ride for miles and miles by yourself!!!

Just keep riding my friend.