Sunday, September 12, 2010

Riding my life away, and enjoying every minute of it

Warmed up some today, made the vampire bugs come out, their time is short, colder weather is coming, their children will take over next year where they left off.

Saw this house on the way out of town, There are blocks and blocks of these houses being torn down, to make a water route for city flooding.

This corn was all under water several weeks ago, when the whole area flooded. Now it is dead corn.

I wonder what gear ratio I'd need to crank this tire. The ultimate snow machine.

Perfect riding weather today. Saw lots of other riders out on the trails. Every week there will be less and less other riders, as fall turns to winter, I'll usually not see anyone else riding a bike once the snows show up.

On my return trip I observed a car coming at me, ahead on the trail. There was not enough room for both of us. I wondered what was up. As the car got closer I noticed this is a police car. So we met out in nowhere. He stopped me, and asked it saw on man in his 70s walking around out here. Poor man, I guess he has severe dementia and left his residence and was not to be found. I told the police man, no I haven't but if I find him, I'll try to keep him close and dial 911. I didn't see him, I hope somebody has by now.

My bike needs some serious attention. Need to break her down, grit and grime have penetrated every moving part.

Well did dirt metric century #65 today. I keep plugging away. Too early to start a count down to 100 and lock in. I will just keep getting em in when I can.

Over and out.



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

It is life!

tainterturtles said...

What a trooper man you are Dave. Nice pictures today.

dawn marie giegerich said...

Hope they find that old fellow. How sad.

Clive Chapman said...

Nice photos mate.

Bill G said...

You are an animal!

Steph said...

Hope they find the lost guy. :(