Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dog bits and dumb ass owners

I wasn't going to post tonight, because I didn't do anything today. (did not ride a bike) You probably haven't noticed but this blog is primarily about theCheck Spelling effects that bicycling has on spirit soul and body.

But I must bring this up. You may have read on one of my previous blogs about my sister Dawn getting bit by an uncontrolled dog with it's owner, when she was jogging on a bike trail. She ended up in the Emergency Room to be treated for the bite. The lady, owner of the dog was very sweet, and gave name and address for further verification of rabies shots and such.

This is where my blood boils. She gave a false name and address. My sister Dawn is currently going through a series of rabies shots, because it is unknown regarding the dogs status.

MESSAGE TO DAWN: Dawn, I recommend a notification in the Local Newspaper with dog and owner description. Did you talk to the police about this? This just is not right.

OK now that I have vented, plans are shaping up for some very high mileage gravel travel this weekend. Such fun I shall have.

Keep on riding


tainterturtles said...

Oh I feel for Dawn. I've was biten by a dog while biking and running years ago, but I never had to go through the shots...I was lucky.

Hang in there Dawn.

dawn marie giegerich said...

This is a long, complicated story. Just read the blog. RideOn.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

That sucks!

Dan O said...

Man - that is just lame. I hope your sister heals quick and that catch the dog owner - and dogs.

mrbill said...

Hey Dave, I did call the police about the dog in my video but nothing came of it. I told the homeowner I might shoot the dog, he said if I shoot his dog he'll shoot me, don't guess I'll shoot the dog, maybe the dog owner, he's probably more likely to have rabies anyways.