Sunday, January 10, 2010

Triple D

Lance Andre race director and competitor giving a prerace meeting.
A bunch of horses ready to run at the starting blocks with a minus 20 F wind chill. Getting myself ready for this race I have gained a lot of winter biking skills. I learned to look at the temp and wind and select very carefully what clothing to wear. Buying good winter biking shoes, bar mitts to cover the hands, using chemical warmers to keep my fluids from becoming solid ice, using very low tire pressure, all have made winter biking a fun and doable. I have purchased a very good bike lighting system which will now enable me to bike more after work on these shorter days. I flew off the bike a couple of times during this race when the front tire would slide out on me, I saw others doing the same thing. Once my bike landed upside down on the side of the trail in the ditch and filling my bar mitts full of snow. I lifted bike upside down and shook trying to get most the snow out, but later with my hands in the mitts melted the remaining snow hence wet hands. Wil I do this again? Well yes, of course, the Lord willing and my health allows, 'let's get er on'.
Lance on his way to an impressive victory.


tainterturtles said...

Sounded like a fun race, except for the falling-off-your-bike part!

Congrats on your race.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

The addiction only deepens.

Dan O said...

-20 wind chill factor. That sounds fun....uh, sorta.

Those are some serious tires - wow.

Steph said...

hahah Fun! :)