Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Riding as the sun goes down.

Hurried up after work, to ride some daylight. 20 degrees and breezy I had to dress right, and dress quick and saddle up. Riding through the cemetery, went by grannie and grandpa.
Sun is going down. Nice to see days starting to get longer. Riding after work during the weekdays are a need for me. Rode hills pushing the pace felt good to make heart pound and legs burn. Stopped over at Ma and Pa's to visit. Mama is home from hospital after serious kidney troubles. She is so sweet, I know she doesn't feel good, but she doesn't want us to know that.
Tomorrow I have to get some fluid drained from knee. Ahhhhhg!!!!! I suffered some serious damage way back in 1972, with broken ligaments ACL, MCL, medial cartilage removal and bone damage. 4 surgeries, among other things. With all that damage sometimes fluid builds up, this time it formed outside the knee, called a "baker's cyst" Only mild discomfort when I bicycle, but aches a lot especially if I sit for any period of time with it bent.
Hope your day was good to you.
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tainterturtles said...

Knee problems... and the cold air doesn't effect the achy feeling?

Good luck at the doctor's office. Maybe a rest day too.

Bless your mom's heart. She sounds like my kind of momma!

MrDaveyGie said...

Nope, cold does not bother. Well I should say cold weather doesn't bother, I have like 4 different levels of leg wear for cycling all based on weather conditions. So the knees stay warm.
And thanks for your kind words.