Friday, January 15, 2010

Tonight Beer, tomorrow Bike

So tomorrow is going to be in the upper 30s F. So the plans are to ride a bunch this weekend on trail or gravel roads. Wondering what bike to take. The snow will be wet and melting. I have three bikes with Nokian studded tires on them that work under different snow conditions. Below is my cyclecross Trek XO2, lightweight, with 35CC studded tires. Here is my full suspension Schwinn Rocket with the 3.1 Studded tires that I rode all last winter and she never complained or left me stranded out the middle of nowhere with a break down.

And laying here in the snow is my Trek 6700 Hardbutt. My EBAY buy. IPOD is loaded and will feed my ears.
I bought a pair of Ergon GC3 bar grips and ends. I would like to try them out. I can not figure a way to make them work with the "Bar Mitts" The Bar Mitts have really solved the cold hand problem, but might not need em with the warmer temps.


Dan O said...

30 degrees for you should feel like summer.

Enjoy the heat wave.....

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I had a little beer tonight to help with carbo loading for my ride tomorrow.

tainterturtles said...

Nice bike/snow photos. My dream is to buy a Pugs...I want to bounce across the snow, HA!