Saturday, January 30, 2010

50 Miles bouncing on hard chunky ice.

Gotta get pedaling I am wasting daylight.

Trail was hard frozen and chunky ice. I bounced and tires hopped a lot. I popped a spoke. I adjusted the wobble out of my tire the best I could. Didn't get back in time to make it to the bike shop and buy another. I might go for a century tomorrow if I feel good, and wished I had that spoke replaced. Nokian Studded tires are the best there is for this kind of travel. Rode 50 miles, the sun was a welcome sight today.

Snack time Mountain Dew and raw Pop Tarts.

Saw two other humans the whole day, they were jogging. No bikers, no snowmobiles, no dogs, no skiers, no alien creatures, desolate.

This is the path out of town. Very little travel on it. Ground was so frozen hard I could ride on top of the snow for the most part.

I pedaled to my parents house to visit before I rode home. My sister Dawn was there. When she saw my shoe covers she got to laughing, saying "what do you have on your feet" It was funny. Plus I had on spandex pants that seemed peculiar to her. We laughed. I told her it was my Michael Jackson outfit.
Thanks for stopping in. Happy rides to you.


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

You're tough. I like it smooth. Rather not be bouncin'.

tainterturtles said...

Weren't your teeth clicking with all that bumping going on?

Good for you for riding 50 miles today.

Dan O said...

50 miles on frozen ground - impressive.