Monday, January 11, 2010

Lifting some weighs.

Giving my knee one more day of rest, it is a bit sore yet. Probably all that bike pushing Saturday. So I had to do something. I took yesterday off, after Triple D, and ate, drank beer, and ate and drank beer some more. So lifting weights in my basement tonight after work, listening to rock and roll made body and soul feel good. In my basement there is a treadmill, speed bag, multiple weights, and a road bike on rollers. So there is plenty I can do. But currently nothing compares to bicycling outside. I am going to have to see about getting set up for outdoor riding after work using my new lighting system. I used to compete at Powerlifting that was until I had to have L4, and L5 fused to my tailbone in 1992 and lay in bed for 39 days. You talk about making a nut go nuts that came close. Picture below is a me at a deadlift competition way back around 1986, that was 500 lbs and gave me 1st place.
So thank you for stopping in.


tainterturtles said...

Wow Mr. D....that's a lot of weight back in 1986. Love the picture.

Dan O said...

Okay - why the fused spine? Any gory pictures involved for this one?

I've never lifted weights in my life and only ride. It could be the reason why I have the upper body strength of a 12 year old girl.

The only way I could pick up 500 pounds, even in 1986, would require a fork lift.

That's pretty impressive.

MrDaveyGie said...

Thanks Tainter T and Dan. Yes I would need two forklifts to lift that much today. No pictures of the surgery but I still have the complete medical report including taking bone graphs off my hip and chipping my lower vertebra to get a good fusion. :-) The reason this occured is because I had an congential weakness which a certain amount of the population has most goes unnoticed. Because of years of heavy lifting L5cracked on me and started to shift out of spinal alignment, hence it was fused to L4 and tail bone to hold in place.

mrbill said...

Oh the pics of the past, pretty impressive Dave but from now on don't lift anything heavier than a bottle of Rum or a beer, Doctors orders.

Melissa said...

Ok wait a minute, this congenital weakness thing isn't hereditary, is it?? I need to know about these things!