Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ice, rain, snow, 6 hours, and enjoyment.

Not sure how far I rode, odometer would fail on and off. I think about 40 miles. Sometimes I would get up to a whooping 10 mph, but mostly around the 6 to 7 mph and sometimes 4 mph as I would slide all over and spin out time and time again. One nice thing I never biffed and flew off the bike. Trying out my new Ergon hand grips, very comfortable. They have a great design to support your hands perfectly. I need to figure a way they can fit with "Bar Mitts"

Stopped at the turn around point and snacking down on cold pizza I found in the fridge this morning from son Caleb's midnight snacking I suspect. Riding was hard work for the most part, my tire would punch through the snow time and time again, and I would lose traction. I let most the air out of the rear tire and that helped a lot. The rain started, on the return trip home and got heavier and heavier as time went on. Well it came as no surprise as usual out here, I was the only biker, but surprising there was no snow mobiles.

Started getting dark. I started thinking I should have packed a light. Sometimes towards the end of a hard long ride, you start thinking, "I just want to get home" That is part of the fun of this. The good feeling you get pulling into home after a hard ride.

Tomorrow, with all this rain, and I'm thinking ice removal from the streets is occuring I would like to take my Trek XO2 Cycle cross out for a town ride that would be fun, and to have traction again, what a concept that would be.

I found out from a phone call from my son Joshua, out here today that my mom has been in the hospital since Thursday with kidney failure. She didn't want to bother anybody. Geeesh mom, please bother me. So I headed to the hospital right after I got home and then went up and checked on my papa, he was so nervous, worried, mom and him have been married for eternity. A remarkable relationship.
Well glad you stopped in. Leave a message, and hope your day went well.


Dan O said...

Nice pics - always enjoy your ride reports.

I hope your mom recovers quick and heads home.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

The trails got so soft for my buddy Ron, that his tires would sink into the snow a couple of inches. Very hard work...maybe 3 mph at best...he was rained on for 90% of his ride.

I may try the cx on roads today too.

Tell your mom we're all thinking about her.

tainterturtles said...

Wow, you burned a lot of calories today. What a ride. Wish I could send you some of my bakery!!!!

I do hope your mom feels stronger very soon...bless her heart. Give your dad a big hug.