Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cup O Dirt, cold days and who's dat on my bike.

Here is the one and only limited edition "Cup-O-Dirt" a coffee cup by day, and by night, a Tom & Jerry cup, which is Hot water, a couple scoops of Tom and Jerry batter, a shot of rum, a shot of brandy and a dash of nutmeg. Mmmm, Mmmm, good.

Now LQQK at this, who's dat trying to ride my bike?

Putting a few details together on the bicycle for tomorrow's riding at a forecast of -13 F. I am going to try to keep my water bottles from freezing by packing them in a insulated back rack with a couple of chemical hand warmers. Will see if that will keep the freeze from shutting down the drinking. I was reading Tom's blog and he said this talking about riding in -25 F wind chill temperature. "We kept it around town not wanting to be far from help, if there was a breakdown or other problem. These were dangerous conditions."

I usually wander my way out of town through some back woods, never see a soul there, it is a tricky ride. Was thinking if I wipe out and go down, a person would freeze to death in not to long of a time frame. So I'll pack the bike in my car, ride Heritage trail, where an occasional snow mobile will pass me, a few skiers, and there is few other bikers planning on riding out there to check out the Triple D race next Saturday.

Ok that's all I know.



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tainterturtles said...

I like your plan for just never know when something will happen and subzero weather is unforgiving.

Bike man says to fill your water bottle with really hot water. Within 15 minutes of being outside the water will be drinkable....that's what he's done on very cold rides.

Hey Mr. D, why not make some hot tea with honey. By the time it cools down it will be like iced tea! That's what we drink when we are doing bicycle touring and riding LONG days. Have a good one.