Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rain, mud, and Cone head Aliens.

WoW, just a great day on the bike. I knew I was headed for rain, so I figured let it rain. Was warm and humid, then the rain broke lose. I got sopped to the bone, I could not have gotten any wetter if I had jumped in the swimming pool.

I was working the pedals about 80% thinking I needed a good work out, and then it happened. I got passed by another bicyclist out in the middle of nothing. So I had to up my heart rate to 95% and hung on his tail trying to see how long I could hold this pace. I've seen him out here before always going in the opposite direction, even in the winter, I knew he was a seasoned veteran I was going about 20 mph in the mud and he was slowly slipping away from me. I found myself thinking I wish I was lighter, faster, younger and in better shape, but realized wishing isn't going to change a thing. After 10 miles of this pace he started slowing down, I thought huh!!!! I win, then he stopped. So I pulled up next to him and he said this is my turn around point, have a good ride and off he went. I had a good work out today, I needed that.

Putting on a rain cap and rain jacket, it seems no matter what type of rain jacket I buy, it doesn't take long to soak through.

Raining cats and dogs and birds and bees here.

Mud all over my bike, drive train, me etcetera, no wonder my drive train started making this clicking sound. I really got to get down to some serious maintenance on my horses soon.

Now what I am about to share please keep a secret. OK? Remember me mentioning Aliens out here? Well today, I stepped off the road to take care of some "personal business" if you know what I mean. When I went back to get on my bike, I caught him. Yes one of those cone head Aliens was messing with my bike, and fortunately I was able to get this picture before he fled into the woods.

Just kidding, that was just a hoax, and real as it seems, it was just me. I figured I better come clean, I can see my daughter rolling her eyes and her thinking I better call the boys and talk about committing dad.
All said and done did me another metric very dirty century, did my parentsitting and now chill'n.
Hope you had some time to play today.


tainterturtles said...

All I could think of today was being on a bike and being soaked from the rain. Of course it didn't happen, but I was glad to see it did happen to you.

In honor of you, Mr. D, I'm eating cheese curds on crackers!!!!!

Dan O said...

Cone heads - nice. Put two eye holes in that thing and start a new helmet trend.

KungFooSausage said...

well it looks like another hot day coming here in the UK. Only 5.50am, but up early for a charity bike ride with my boy. Wouldnt mind a bit of rain though, some 'Scots mist' would suffice.

Courtney said...

Youre suppose to drink after the ride. Or wait thats not right at all. carry on!