Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good day on the bike.

Good day on the bike.

Waited for the thunderstorms to move on. Got on the bike later then I like, around 10:30. Was kind of dragging the pace, at three miles before my halfway turn around I ran into Terry. Terry works for the same company I do, and I have chatted with him several times somewhere out here. A few months ago I ran into him and he asked me about my bike and how heavy it was. We got off our bikes and picked each one up to check the weight. His weighed a ton, it was a large all steel bike. Mine felt light as a feather to him. So today he had his new light weight bike with the same kind of back pack as mine. He has always bicycled, about my age, and now after going through a divorce he has been riding more and more. A fit man, always lean, and perhaps headed for epic riding. He told me this is addicting and thoughts become good thoughts the longer you ride. He has been doing 52 milers on the trails.

So we parted, I had about 2.5 miles to go before turning around and he was on his way back. He said you will probably catch me.


I picked up the pace and rode hard, I wanted to see if I could catch him. He had a 5 mile head start, I had 31 miles to go and him 26 where he left his car. Well I had a great work out but never did catch him in spite of working my arse off. Every corner I went around I was hoping to see him. Amazing how much harder of a work out you can get if your 'racing' or think you are, or running with those that ride fast.

So thank you Terry for the great work out. Even though your goal was not to let me catch you, right? Ummm ok humor me and say yes anyway.

Mr Yo Eddy, wrote a good article on racing and how it gets your blood going.

Tom from up north often runs with the thoroughbreds when biking and his pace shows it.

Wow was I cooked afterwards, went straight to the garden hose when got home and let the cold water run down me until the heat drained out of me.

Ok this section is for men only. Ladies please refrain from further observation. Thank you.
The subject is "man boobies" As we men age we develop a symptom called man boobies. It is due to a ratio reversal of testosterone and estrogen. I am trying to be polite here but there is a certain age when us aging men should not be out in public with our shirts off. DUDE!!! You sir riding your bicycle today should consider. That was a triple D you were flopping with. I can't get the frightening image out of my mind. I'm just saying.
Ok please no hate mail people.
Oh, and I saw you peeking.

Ok, ok, I'll stop.

Thanks for stopping.



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Sounds like a very fun ride, and the hose shower looked great.

Dan O said...

Cool ride and report. Thanks for the blog mention.

Maybe a pic of Man Boobs should have been included - then again, maybe not......

KungFooSausage said...

He knew you were going to try to catch him up, so he put a spurt on too. You both got a good work out through it lol

Clive Chapman said...

I wouldn't take my shirt off mate, ever, it's wrong.

Like the hose thing BTW...

tainterturtles said...

Oh Mr D, you are a funny, funny man.

Glad you had a good ride, and meeting a friend out on the trail makes it even better. Good effort trying to catch-um!!!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn;t help it, I peeked!

Bill G said...

Dave you are hilarious!!!

Have a great week!