Sunday, June 6, 2010

A day in paradise Gravel Metric Century #28

Played hard, rode my tail off. I wanted to fry my legs so I made them push the effort for 65 miles of trail. Tomorrow is my turn for meals at ma-pa's so probably won't get on a bike, and wanted to make it a needed rest day. :-) The same guy that passed me yesterday, passed me again today. So again I followed him at a faster pace then I was maintaining, he turned around at the same spot as yesterday, so we waved and on I went.

I think parts of us age differently then other parts. Well I mean the body sooner or later gets old, and parts just don't work like we'd like. But then there are parts of our thoughts that don't age and stay young, the part that loves to play, have fun, act like a child and just enjoy the moment. I think that is the part of me that just wants to keep bicycling.

Was a beautiful green day out there. I was running into swarms of bugs, I was a slow learner but I finally learned to keep my mouth shut after I forgot a few times, and avoid the free lunch.

Here is the view from the chair my mom sits in. She is chair bound for the most part, this gives her good memories with all the pictures of everyone. That coffee table in front is one I made ma and pa in High School shop class in 1970.

Last but not least I want to thank my pit crew. Here is little Kayla, she is chief of my neighborhood pit crew. After every ride she and the crew break the bike down, replace needed parts, overhaul, and lube. With out them I would not be able to take 2nd place like I do when I have a "secret race" with another unsuspecting rider. Thank you Crew.

Just kidding Natasha (the mother) :-)

Don't forget to take time and play. Lee Iococca said he retired many and not one had said at that time that they wished they had worked more often.

That's all I know for now,


Marla Gnarla said...

Nice pit crew!

KungFooSausage said...

We ate some bugs yesterday too :) It's great to share recipe's around the world isn't it?

Clive Chapman said...

Eating bugs ain't as bad as getting them in your eye, I suppose some sort of glasses are in order then...

tainterturtles said...

Wow, look at all those photos in your parents home!

Hope ma & pa are doing well. You are a good son Mr D.