Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life is good

Oh Jeeepers Creeeepers. Was scheduled to have a tooth post put in yesterday at the dentist's office. Well things didn't go as well as hoped for. An x-ray indicated an infection in the lower jaw unbeknown to me by any symptoms. So had to have that area opened up and infection removed. OUCH!! Now I am on a two different high powered antibiotics. To add insult to injury, I am under direct orders, no beer, no alcohol period. Seems that taking Metronidazole and mixing alcohol produces toxins. OK I am done whining about me.

On a better note had my yearly physical today, and everything is fit as a fiddle. My doc said "see you in year"

Tomorrow my dad has cancer surgery, and I will sit with mama. Poor mama I am planning on getting my guitar out after several years of no play and trying to pick up where I left off.
I will bring mama ear plugs. :-)

This Saturday and Sunday I have the afternoon watch with mom. You see she is pretty much chair bound, dad was the major care giver, supplemented with the four of us in town siblings. Now dad having surgery makes it our duty, us siblings to fill the needs.

So that leaves the mornings open this weekend for bicycling riding. My plans are to get out and pound gravel in the mornings, need to start early and shoot for a century each day.

I have this blogger map, that marks recent hits from other readers to this blogs. Each point represents one or more visiter. You should see a marker in your area if you visited here with in the last couple of weeks. Neat how we bloggers learn, and gain from one another. I sure do from you. Birds of a feather flock'n together. :-)

Oh and here is a map over in the land of England. Mr KungFooSausage stops by and visits. Check out his blog it's all about "a man, and bike, and a life" Oh if you do visit here and never post something please do, that way I can read your blog too.

Thank you for visiting.


tainterturtles said...

Oh Mr D. you are a trooper. Sorry about the no alcohol thing, but take this time to heal.

I'm glad you can be there for your mom. Happy biking when you can fit it in. Good luck to your dad on his surgery.

tainterturtles said...
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Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

My dad taught me to judge a person by what they do not what they say.
I'm sure impressed with what you're doin'.

KungFooSausage said...

I wanted to learn guitar but it was too hard for me so I'll just stick to my blues harmonica. Easier to carry too :)

By the way, Im not on your map heh heh!

Clive Chapman said...

Hello mate, nice blog, got here via KungFooSausage, happy pedalling!



Dan O said...

Bummer on the dental work. Nice what you're doing for your folks. My folks are 3000 miles away, which is tough at times.

Interesting map of all your visitors, I've noticed them on other sites as well. Check out

It's a free deal from Google, once set up, can run some interesting info on your blog - number of visitors, page views, keywords, traffic sources, etc. It's cool.