Tuesday, June 29, 2010

100 Miles.

Decided on a threesome today, me, the road bike and the trail bike. Rode both for a total of 100 miles.

Started out today on the road bike, riding pavement at 7:30 a.m. Rode down by the Mississippi river and through River View Camp. Saw a lot of picnic tables full of empty Bush lite beer cans, camp fires still smoldering and tents with people sound a sleep. Sounds like a good night. The American Way. My only comment, life is too short for light beer. :-)

Came across these White Pelicans having a meeting on the river. These birds are huge. I overheard them talking. One was speaking to the group. "How do we tell the humans how slow and painful of death it is to die from being soaked in oil?" "I lost my entire family in the Gulf"
Another one spoke. "It's all about money" "Money runs their life's"
Then they saw me, and flew away.

Rode past the correctional facility. All these bicycles were parked in front. My bike wanted her picture taken with them. How come some girls like to hang with the bad guys?

Well after 25 miles of pavement, that was enough, to many people encased in 4000 lbs of body armor on wheels seeing how close they could get to me while rolling by. So I pedaled home and saddled up the cycle Cross and headed to the country.

Pedaled by Dennie's farm again. This place just amazes me. He was born here, now in his 70s and spent a lifetime planting and nourishing plants. This place could be a real show case, acres and acres of this type of plantings.

I front tire flatted in Sageville, with 91 miles in and 5 miles from my doorstep. Did I patch the flat? NO. I called the SAG wagon. My honey came and picked me up. It is amazing she puts up with my idiosyncratic, dysfunctional bicycling addicted ways.

I hadn't eat'n much today. A hot dog bun with peanut butter and jelly on it for breakfast and a chunk of "friendship bread" on the ride. So ater 91 miles of pedaling I needed some carbs to keep the bonk away. When I got home I ate two previously cooked potatos dipping them in ketchup and hot mustard, almost all food taste delicious when your starving and this sure did.

So I hopped back on the road bike, because I did not want to end the ride with 91 miles, and rode another 9 miles and called it 100 Miles for the day.

That's all folks.



tainterturtles said...

Wow, what a good ride today. Those pelicans are such neat creatures.

You have such a nice honey. To come and get you....that's true love man. Bless her soul.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Don't let that honey go. She's one in a million. You even got a smile when she pulled up!

Dan O said...

Hot dog roll with peanut butter and jelly? Now that's eating.

Pelicans in Iowa?

Country roads over paved roads everytime.

Man, you put a lot of miles in.