Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Metric Dirt Century #32

Great day to be on the pedals. Meet Bob and Linda, a nice couple, bicyclists. They are riding those Surly's to Oregon. That is 2000 miles from here. I did not catch where they started from. I ran into them out in Graf Iowa population 73. They are staying on the secondary roads, trails, and back roads. Those bikes are about 90 lbs a piece. That is some serious pedal pumping. May your trip be safe and your ride fun. It was nice talking to you.

I wanted to push today. You just need to do that at times. Visit the pain cave and pray to St. Suffrage you can hang in there. Used a heart rate monitor to keep me honest. After all the rain we've had lately, part of the ride was like riding through sticky peanut butter. Made for some mule work. In 8 days I've done 4 metric dirt centuries and 50 miles on pavement totalling around 300 miles. So I wonder if those that made pledges to give to the United Way based on my mileage knew of severity of my fanaticism's. Cha-Ching $$. :-) I took this picture to Email to the contributors, just kinna mak'n fun with it. Maybe I have a shot at 100 dirt centuries for this year. All depends, if I can get the time and still do the other things one needs to do. I would like to get a day where I have the time to get a 10+ hour day on the pedals, ride some different back roads.

Post note to Bob to Linda: Greg Finn, a fine friend of mine wrote me and said about you.
i know them!!! they own Jitterz coffee shop down on main street. they are cool. they live in platteville and their son goes to school in eugene!!!
small world.


tainterturtles said...

Hey, I have a special place in my heart for Platteville.....home of my grandparents and also where my dad complete his Masters Degree!

I love the photo of Bob & Linda. That is how we will be spending our summers in about 2 yrs from now.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Good miles, man!
Your sponsors may regret their pledges.

Clive Chapman said...

Good mileage mate. Keep them legs turning! :-)