Saturday, June 19, 2010

In the saddle.

A day out there on the bicycle. Had to keep my nose to the grind stone, to keep the effort up. I did not want to deal with myself later and a sub par ride. Especially after not riding Thursday and Friday. So I got a good work out with 65 miles on the trails.

One of the things I can not understand is once I get away from the Dubuque area, and out in the country, often I don't see anyone else out here. It is just to beautiful, and I think there should be a few more 1000 people enjoying. Now when it is zero degrees and snowing, perhaps then I can understand why I am the only one out here.

I stopped at the "cement slab cafe" I was thinking of calling the Better Business Bureau regarding insects and rodents I sometimes see. But they had home made chocolate chip cookies on the menu today, so all is forgiven.

Wind kept getting stronger out here, I am afraid there is more violent storms coming tonight and tomorrow. I will ride tomorrow if it is raining, but thunderstorms, hail, and strong winds I might have an issue with.

I am suffering from the serious disease AFS. Otherwise known as "Always forgetting something"

Seems there is always something. Today I forgot to bring a sweatband, and my eyes were burning as I tried to keep up with the sweat running in my eyes using my bicycling gloves to wipe my forehead.

Rode myself into this mud hole, trying to find away to dry land, I ended up flopping over and actually caught myself with my arm without going total body into the slime, shoes and side were full of mud, but I was 4 miles from home and the end of today's journey.

Cheers and happy day to ya.



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Windy upnort here too, but we didn't have much sun.
What did you say about forgetting stuff? I can't remember now.

Dan O said...

Man - you put some serious mileage in. Very impressive.

Sound pretty hot there in Iowa. We've barely hit 70 here in Seattle. Did a race today in arm and knee warmers - in June!

I'm not complaining though - I'll take a damp 55 degrees over a humid 90 degrees any time.

Clive Chapman said...

It's the same on my trails mate, I live in the heavily populated English Midlands and my trails are never more than a mile ot two away from even a small village, and I very rarely see other folk. It is a never ending source of amazement that the natural resources we have locally seem to be unknown to most. but I'm happy with that, wouldn't want them to be busy!