Sunday, June 20, 2010


Headed out on the bike this morning. Reports of thunder storms again. I had to remind my "engines" a.k.a. quadriceps a few times, this was not supposed to be a 'easy day' we needed to work. So I pushed the pace the best I could. 62 miles on the dirt. Metric Dirt Century #34 for the year. Tomorrow I won't be able to ride with "parent sitting" work, and a dentist appointment. So if I have leg burn out tomorrow I'll have a day of leg rest.
At 27 miles out it started to rain, the skies were getting darker so I thought I will turn around and get closer to home in case the big thunder boomers come after me. It cleared up before I got home, and I needed more miles to make today's ride a metric dirt century so I looped around for some additional mileage.

Wouldn't ya know it. Out riding country, and nature calls. Yeap, number II, I had to do. So I knew where there was a outdoor public rest room and I headed there. But there was a problem. Notice the dilemma in the picture. HINT, look inside the white circle.

Almost home, and I come across this young fellow, walking, my father 86 years old. I took this picture before he knew I was behind him. Happy Father's day papa. we all went out to eat later.

I've come up with a good money making idea. I have a small billboard sized forehead I carry around with me. It's size is due to two things, a large head and Male Pattern baldness. Well with all the biking I do, all over the place I decided to rent out advertising space there. Here is me and my first customer.

Cheers and happy riding

Oh and P.S. I carry spare T.P. :-)


tainterturtles said...

Sounds like a good ride, despite the TP situation! You are a smart man to be prepared.

Happy Father's Day.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Your dad looks great!

Travel Gravel said...

I've heard of people sacrificing a sock in this situation. Not a bad solution, but I can't think of a long ride where my socks were dry:( Also, I have Athlete's foot from time to time;)

Clive Chapman said...

A few sheets of comfy bum always accompany me into the countryside, you just never know!

Like the advertisng idea, I could use my belly!

KungFooSausage said...

Everyone jokes about me carrying a roll of bog paper in my backpack but one day they'll thank me for it. This is from me who has had to sacrifice both socks on one occasion plus having to leave a pair of skids hanging from a branch that may still be there to this day!

Steph said...

spare TP.... Duhhhhhh.

I have plenty of room in my bike bags, and carry the craziest assortment of crap.
(which has actually all come in handy at one point or another...)

and never ever thought of TP.
Duh :)

Marla Gnarla said...

In a pinch...find some leaves. Just make sure you know what they are before wiping. Three leaves and shiny, NOT for the hiney!

Bringing spare TP is always good! Something I've leaned from my backpacking days.

mrbill said...

I'm going to leave the toilet pic alone, but I do have some Blueberries for sale and was wondering how much you rent your head for.
Three cheers for your Dad, if we can be so lucky.

MrDaveyGie said...

You guys make me laugh. Mr. Bill for you I will rent my billboard for 10 cents a mile.