Thursday, June 17, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

The view from my back deck after the 2nd massive major thunder storm moved through today.

I've been a bad boy!!!! Yes I haven't been on the bike for two days. I have got one thousand excuses, and they are all good ones. How ever excuses really don't count, it is my loss. I did obtain some endorphin fix by lifting some iron.

As you may recall I mentioned that I am riding for pledges to contribute to the United Way based on my bicycling mileage. So my boss's boss sent this letter out to a few hundred people seeking pledges for himself, and now I am called "the beast"so game is on.

We are a week into this United Way fund raiser and even though I have run 15 miles, it is clear that the key to this will be sponsorships, so I'm widening my net.

If you have not sponsored someone to this point, please consider doing so. I should point out that the runners could use the sponsorships if we are even going to be close to our "Biker" Dave Giegerich. He's a "Beast", taking it to the Heritage trail to Dyersville and back 4 times in the past week to amass 300 miles so far.

This looks like a good, fun, athletic way to raise some funds. We have also seen a high level of participation, with over 50% of the plant either as an athlete or sponsor.
Thank you for your consideration,


I finally sent my memberships fees in for the two bicycling clubs I am member of. Chain Reaction, and Dubuque Bicycle Club. The year is half over, well I guess better late then never.

Well like the saying goes, "absence makes the heart grow fonder" and the plans are this weekend to bang out some serious bike mileage, we've are right now in our 2nd severe thunderstorm for the afternoon, but tomorrow the weather forecast looks good.

So, that's all I know for now.


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Lily on the Road said...

Holy moly Davey! I'm just catching up with all you've been up to! You're a machine!!! Good Luck with the United Way ride. I'm doing a MS Society tour in August...every little bit helps.

catch up soon!