Saturday, January 8, 2011


Riding the Studded tires, 41 miles, out on the trails. Saw a total of 2 people all day. Both walking. Really enjoyed the day, mostly sunny, and 12 degrees F. Heritage trail is almost all hard packed very ridable snow. Triple D racers that are checking this blog for  trail reports, 2.X tires are riding very well.
Riding in snow I think takes about 3 times the energy. I always bring snacks. Raw Pop Tarts double stacked are one of my favorites.
 It's all relative, this bike is a fat tire bike in the summer, and now in the winter it is a 'skinnie tire' Tomorrow I ride the FatTire.
Is this a giant country meth lab?
Sun is sinking, it's getting colder, headed home I be.
Did something good and fun happen to you today? I hope so. If not, how about tomorrow?
Thanks for visiting.


tainterturtles said...

Every time I see you eating a pop tart, I just shutter. Could you perhaps try a healthy granola bar or somethin like that Dave???

You and Harry Legge's are my hero's....I wish I could cold-weather ride like you guys.

Dan O said...

Raw Pop-Tarts double stacked....

Now I know the secret to it all.