Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back to the basics, BICYCLING.

My daughter Melissa started running and is now training for a scheduled marathon wrote this to me in a Email today.

"I ran 10.5 today and am so calm it's fantastic."

Sums up this up quite succinctly I'd say.
Good day for a ride. 32 degrees, rode on snow mobile trails. Snow was a little soft, was maintaining 7-8 mph. Rode 20 miles out and turned around and headed back for another 20 miles. Temps started to drop, snow starting to change, ruts were now shoving my front tire around. I knew I should stop and let some air out of my front tire but was reluctant to stop. After a few close calls of my front tire starting to slide out on me when up against a rut, I stopped and changed from tire from 15 psi to 7 psi. I was amazed at how much better control I had with the air pressure change.
A wet snow started falling, I needed to keep my sun glasses on to keep the blowing snow from stinging my eyes, but the lenses were getting snow coated and it was getting hard to see.

I didn't see the rut right in front of me, I didn't have time to react, my front tire kicked sideways throwing the bike and me to the right. I bounced hard on my right shoulder and head. MrBill from Texas tells me I have to knock this off. This one hurt. My arm, neck, hand, and shoulder ached. I climbed back on the bike. I had 5 miles to go. I took my sunglasses off to see now. My neck stiffened up and I could not turn my head. Dang!!! Motrin do your thing, I got bicycling riding plans tomorrow.

The route for RAGBRAI has just been announced tonight. I wonder if Creepy Baby would like to do a ride across the state of Iowa this July? 

Tomorrow, I'll do a repeat of today. Cept for the bumpity bump.


mrbill said...

Yep, we are getting a bit old for crashes, but what are we to do, we have to ride. We'll just try to be a little less macho and a little more cautious, that should do it, yeah, right. Have a good one out there Dave, maybe I need to check into RAGBRAI, the snow should be melted by then.

Bill G said...

You ride across Iowa already - why do it organized???

Live the Dream Dave - Fight the following :)

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Down hurts. Up is better.

Steph said...

Do the 'Brai!!!

This weekend is BRR. Forecast is 20 for that day's high temp, and there's snow on the ground all over here.
Sadly... I've had bronchitis/laryngitis twice in the past 60 days and am fighting it again:( I'm not gonna bike the BRR ride, but be part of sag support this year:(