Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fame and Fortune

Birgit and I spent the weekend is Lakeville Mn visiting with the Sir Mr. Cole Alexander, my one and only grandson. He has been really sick this week with temps that went up to 105.8 which I find very frightening. Cole started getting better today, much relieved.
Always glad to see the young fella, and his my and pa, my daughter Melissa and her husband Brook. I got to drink various varieties of Brook's home brew. Delicious.

After my shot of Syvisc in my knee this week I have stayed off the bike. Did three days of upper body exercises to keep the heebie Jeebies away the best I could. I am not going to baby the knee it needs to come along for the ride along with the rest of my body parts.

I am so LQQKing forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow me and the 'FAT' bike are going to do some serious snow trail traveling. I am trying a different style of handle bars, straight bars and my hands and shoulders do not get along for long rides. Bike is ready to roll, and even have my bottles packed. Light is mounted, batteries are charged. Can you tell I am hyper-diaper to roll.

Oh and I know all of you have been holding your breath waiting for this. But my interview finally made it to the NewsPaper today. Click this Link. The movie offers are all ready starting to roll in. I want to play myself in my movie so I am holding out. Sorry Brad Pitt. The Paparazzi have surround the house. I have went into hiding. Fame and fortune does have it's problems. Ok, ok, so I am embellishing a little bit.

Dave the famous.


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

That's a good lookin' kid!
Glad you'll be in the saddle tomorrow.

dawn marie giegerich said...

Those aren't paparazzi. Just a couple of neighborhood punks relieving themselves on your bushes as I drove by.

Dan O said...

Family time is always good - especially with grandkids. My own kids are 7 and 11, so grandkids are a long way off. I should be around 102 by then...

Cool story in the paper about you. You're now world famous...

Joboo said...

Sir, your futures so bright, no wonder ya gotta wear shades!! ;)

Good looking grandchild, you must be proud, along with your daughter and son-in-law!!
Family time is precious.

Here's hoping the knee holds!!


mrbill said...

Fame, don't forget us little people. Hope the knee does good, I thought they might have to put an ankle bracelet on you to make sure you weren't riding.

Bill G said...

Stay humble Dave :) Get on that bike!