Sunday, January 30, 2011

A day of playing on snow.

My legs feel like burnt toast.. Just about 6 hours of wandering back and forth on snow mobile trails trying to a find a line to ride. Most the trail was soft and chewed up from lots of snow mobiles. It was hard pedaling and lots of fun. I stopped and let air out of my tries from 15 psi to 5 psi trying to get better traction. It helped. The best part to ride was right on the edge of the trail, this was hard packed but very hard to hang onto and kept kicking my bike back to the center of the trail. The problem with this is if I slipped off the edge my front tire would drop into a snow drift and throw me off the bike so focus and honing my cycle skills became the day's agenda.

The ArrowHead 135 starts at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning on the Minnesota and Canadian boarder with wind chills around -30 and 135 miles on snow. Here are some of the folks who will be competeing,  .

 Lance who has been honing and developing his snow bike'n mad skilz for years. This is training for Lance, his whole focus is on this years Iditarod.

Matt will be running, I believe if he finishes will be one of the few to have completed this race in all three categories, bike, ski, and run.

Lisa will be running, 135 miles. Lisa is 51 years old, she won the 2009 23 mile run at Triple D in the female division, 8 minutes behind the first male finisher. I have seen her training on Heritage trail pushing what looked like a walker with skis to train packing gear along. She said to me once she was on the trail on one of the nights I was riding, I said, "oh where?" She was camping somewhere on the side, in the snow,  practicing running long distance, camping overnight and running back the next day.

Nick, and experienced winter cyclist will be riding. Nick is managing the "Cup-O-Dirt" this year He thinks my 100 metrics on gravel is something, that is nothing compared to conquering ArrowHead.

Talk at ya later.


tainterturtles said...

Wow, six hours of riding? Very nice Dave. I wish I had your guts and energy.

Bill G said...

Tonight is my night - bike should be home when I get home - YEEEHAAAW. I will be going from 2.35 to 3.85 so hopefully I am as happy as a kid in a candy store!

mrbill said...

Arrowhead 135, interesting and unbelievable, your not doing it? must have had to work, Teresa says, "their nuts", we've heard this before, but this time it may be true.