Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day ride, Night ride, and Coyotes

So I rode the HardTail with studded tires around town for awhile this afternoon, was fun and haven't put many miles on that bike this winter ever since 'fatty'

Rode up and visited with my dad for awhile. He told me he was mentioned in today's front page of the paper.
"OH" I say.
He says yeap there is an article about the change in Iowa's law this year regarding getting a gun carrying permit and he shows me where it says a 86 year old in town applied to get a permit to carry handgun in public.
So I said,  "don't you have to take a class and such?"
He says, "Nope, WWII Marine vet with honorable discharge, doesn't need too."
Hmmm, well I ahhhh, have no further comment regarding this.

So I left and rode the HardTail around the outskirts of town for awhile.

The Telegraph Herald News Paper photographer phones later and confirms our photo shoot meet for later today. I tell him I was planning on heading there early and ride around the area for awhile. He says Oh, ok I'll head out early too and get some daylight pictures.

So we meet there, along with the News reporter who asked some more questions. They think these bike tires I have are "HUGE"

So I head down the trail and they take the highway out of town and hook back on the trail twice to take some more pictures.
I ride out another 10 miles and don't see them anymore, so I figure they must be done and I'll just wait and see how they write this up in the paper. 

I turn around, total darkness seems to happen all at once. Coyotes are howling  all around me. Their scream and high pitch yelps sound strange. There is no other sound but my tires crunching on frozen snow. I am alone out here, and most likely will be the last human here until midday tomorrow. I think those two guys from the News Paper are just as clueless as to why anyone would do this as they were before we met each other. 
Louis Armstrong when asked how can he play that horn all day long, every day, which he loved to do more then anything else said this,
"there are some people if they don't know you can't tell them"

Seems this weekend in spite of all the time riding, I didn't really get a good work out. Mostly trying to stay up right or laid back riding. I think I need a day this week, of just pushing it. Maybe I will try the HardTail on the trail for a hard ride the middle of this week.

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Bill G said...

You are an animal. I am on easy street until Feb 1st. All activity will be low pressure and low heart rate.

Hope you had a great New Years!

Steph said...

All our snow melted, here!!

but I'm still cold. and I don't bike outside in it, like you :) heh

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said... that solitude.